Welcome to StoxSafe

where our intentions are to keep the sport of Stockcar Racing safe in the event of fire.

Of all the scenarios a driver can face while racing, fire is, quite probably, the most frightening.

That situation becomes even scarier and more life threatening should the driver be unconscious.

Having witnessed various nasty fires over the years, Les Redford, using the brand name StoxSafe, decided to try and make the sport safer by utilising his many contacts within the world of motorsport.

So what can be done to improve the safety of the drivers?


SPA Design

Premier Fuel Systems

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Q) What can be done to minimise the risk of finding yourself in a car with flames licking around you in the first place?

A) Use a custom designed BSCDA approved Fuel Cell 


Using a fuel cell is the safest way of carrying petrol in a racecar.

Premier Fuel Systems have been providing fuel cells to all forms of motorsports for many years.

The BSCDA approved fuel cells have been in use since 2015.

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Laydown Fuel Cell

Les Redford is the sole agent for BSCDA approved Fuel Cells manufactured by Premier Fuel Systems LTD

Availble in two types, laydown and upright, many leading lights of the F1 world have realised their worth and committed to their use.

 Customers include not only top stars such as Nigel Green; Dan Johnson; Will Hunter; Lee Fairhurst and Paul Hines but also budget racers such as Russell Cooper; Michael Scriven and Jacklyn Ellis  

Laydown Cell With Dimensions

Capacity = 20.5 Litres
Weight (emtpy) = <8Kg

Cell/Casing comprises 1.6mm stainless steel casing, FT3 fuel bladder, foam, nut ring, gaskets, cover plate c/w rollover valve, filler neck, screw thread filler cap, dash 8 pickup with filter and outlet.

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Upright Fuel Cell

Each fuel cell is built to order and is initially validated for 5 years use. They can subsequently be tested and revalidated every 2 years.

Because they have a finite life, each cell is made to order. Lead times for build can be up to 5 weeks, so it is advisable to order well in advance.

The fuel cells are currently £755+VAT

The retest fee is currently £175+VAT

Upright Fuel cell with dimensions
Upright Cell With Dimensions

Capacity = 20.5 Litres
Weight (empty) = <8Kg

Cell casing comprises 1.6mm stainless steel casing, FT3 fuel bladder, foam, nut ring, gaskets, cover plate c/w rollover valve, filler neck, screw thread filler cap, dash & pickup with filter and outlet.   

Optional Extras

For modification to -10 pick up and fittings add £85+VAT

For modification to NZ Spec (includes fuel return fitting - for use with electric pumps) add £75+VAT 


Currently, Stock Cars are not required to have an extinguisher on board so, in the event of a fire, assuming you are conscious and not incapacitated, you will be trying to rapidly exit the cab and hoping the track staff get to you very quickly with their handheld extinguishers.

If you've been knocked out though, you would be totally reliant on the actions of others, how quickly they can reach you and the efficiency oftheir equipment.

Thanks to an exciting new development, it doesn't have to be that way.

Following almost two years of collaboration and development between Les Redford and SPA Design, we are pleased to announce the U.K.'s first ever automatic fire suppression systems specifically designed for use by full contact race cars.

When the thermal trigger reaches a certain temperature, it will automatically activate the system.

Two Systems are available:
The PK750 System

A groundbreaking new fire suppression system.

Designed specifically for the rough and tumble worlds of F1 Stock Car and V8 Hotstox racing, the system is designed to combat fires in and around the fuel tank area and to fire automatically when flames reach the trigger point for the heat sensor, ideal for when there is a fire and the driver is unconscious.

There is also a manual pull cord which can be used by either the driver or track staff to activate the system.

The extinguishant, Purple K, is a non-toxic dry chemical fire suppression agent which is commonly used to fight forest fires as well as in military installations; oil refineries; airport fire appliances and anywhere else large quantities of flammable liquid can be found, Purple K is about 4-5 time more effective than carbon dioxide against Class B fires (flammable liquid).

Weighing in at just 2 kilos and small enough for anyone to find the necessary space, it is light enough to have minimal effect on cross weights or centre of gravity.

The system packs a mighty punch for its size and could save a driver from major injuries, or worse.

The Big Brisca System

The latest addition is a 10lb FireAde AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) system and is SFI17.1 certified. Utilising up to 4 nozzles, the system can cover the engine bay, the driving compartment and the fuel tank area with a highly efficient fire suppressant rated to deal with Class A and B fires. As well as dealing with the flames, the suppressant also has cooling properties to help bring down temperatures rapidly.

Weighing 7.5 Kg, the bottle will dispense foam for up to 20 seconds dependant upon the number of nozzles used. Utilising a remote automatic firing head located in the cabin, the bottle can be safely mounted out of harms way. The firing head can also be manually operated by means of a pull tab.
Big Brisca and Laydown fuel cell
Big Brisca bottle and laydown fuel cell
Big Brisca & PK750
Big Brisca (Left) < PK750 (Right)
Drivers - These are not compulsory so the choice is yours
Fuel Cell?
Fire Supprression System?
Nothing at all because it won't happen to you?

£330 + VAT
(Built to order. Approx 4 week lead time)
£680 + VAT
(Built to order. Approx 4 week lead time)
£755 + VAT
(Built to order. Up to 5 weeks lead time)
Contact: Les Redford
Tel: 07778 269954
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