The Fire Suppression System

Hopefully you are arriving at this page because you care about your life, and wish to preserve it should something terrible happen while you are in your race car.

Oval Racing in the UK is one of the safest types of motorsports you will find, lets make that perfectly clear.

But from time to time, fires happen.

If you happen to not only have a fire, but also to be unconscious at the time, a dangerous scenario becomes even more life threatening. Just ask Ivan Pritchard, Theo van Lier or Dean Whitwell, three people who are still with us only thanks to the quick thinking and bravery of their fellow racers and track officials in rescuing them from that exact situation.

I had a conversation with Ivan a few years ago about his experience, and it was he who gave me the idea of trying to develop some form of system that would trigger automatically in the event of a fire, i.e. particularly useful if the driver was unconscious.

I entered into discussions with one of the companies I deal with on a regular basis, S.P.A. Design, who are specialists, amongst other things, in supplying fire suppression systems to F.I.A. and MSA race and rally teams around the World.

A Test Fire, in this video we set a fuel fire in the bottom of the cab/rear tank area of a stockcar cab, the cab quickly gets to temp and the automatic system deploys the powder and extinguishes the flames.

Following a collaboration that has gone on now for almost 2 years, I am pleased to announce I will be launching the SPA StoxSafe system, the UKs first automatic fire suppression equipment designed specifically for use in full contact race cars such as F1 Stock Cars and V8 Hotstox.


The StoxSafe PK750 by SPA

395 inc VAT, packing and post to mainland UK




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