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Premier Fuel Systems are World renowned experts in their field and are certified to produce systems not just for the motorsport sector but also for the highly specialised and demanding military and aerospace industries.

Following extensive research and discussions it has been decided that two different sizes will be available for the BriSCA F1 Stock Cars.


To try and minimise the amount of modifications necessary to install a Premier fuel cell, an upright unit and a laydown one, both with the maximum allowed capacity of 20.5 litres, will be available. These should be similar in shape and size to a lot of fuel tanks currently in use.


Fuel cell customers now include Will Hunter, Henry Hunter, Jordan Falding, Peter Falding, Paul Hines, Dan Johnson, Nigel Green, Daniel van Spijker, Ben Riley, Steve Reedman, Russell Cooper, Michael Scriven, James Bailey and Lee Fairhurst (Team GB NZ car and 2017 customer car.) They have scored over 4,500 points in the 2016 season. Well done to all and thanks for the support.

During the 2016 season, the average time from order to delivery was less than a week, which I will try to replicate during the 2017 season. If you are thinking of fitting a fuel cell to your new or refurbed car during the winter, please let me know as early as possible so I can order casings, bladders foam and fittings in good time.


  • The Premier fuel cell is made from a very special rubberised fabric and is flexible enough to be screwed up into a ball with no side effects. This means it can be fitted inside a fully welded metal casing through a relatively small hole making for a stronger complete unit.

  • The Premier fuel cell is validated initially for five years and can then be re-validated every two years after testing.

  • A Premier representative has seen BriSCA F1 stock car racing and is satisfied the fuel cells do not need replacing after every crash.

  • In the event of a severe accident the scrutineers would be able to request a test to ensure the structure of the cell is still sound.

The Premier fuel cell is offered in two shapes, a laydown and an upright, which closely resemble a lot of tanks currently in use.

At the tail end of the 2014 BriSCA F1 season a delegation from the BSCDA, consisting of Guy Parker, Sophie Clark, Peter Falding and Danny Wainman, visited the premises of Premier and were shown the whole manufacturing process. This was prior to the AGM and the purpose was to ensure the committee knew exactly what the product was and what it was capable of before the meeting.



The sizes of the fuel cells/casing are as follows

325mm(H) x 295mm(W) x 240mm(D)
[will contain 20.5L]

150mm H x 640mm W x 240mm D

(Just for total clarity, D = front to back.)

Cell/casing comprises 1.6mm stainless* steel casing, FT3 fuel bladder, foam, nut ring, gasket,
cover plate c/w vent valve, filler neck, screw thread filler cap, dash 8 pick up and outlet.


Upright 725 + VAT

Laydown 725 + VAT


For modification to -10 pick up and fittings add 85 + VAT

For modification to NZ spec (Includes fuel return fitting - for use with electric pumps) add 75 + VAT

Powder coated finish available POA

A deposit of 450 is required to secure your order.



if you wish to purchase

Plumbed in fire extinguishers

In the interest of any driver who wants to improve their chances in a fire situation, regardless of whether they run a fuel tank or a fuel cell, Racin'Cargo has negotiated a very good deal for a plumbed in fire extinguisher kit with SPA Design. The AFFF extinguisher bottle is 2.25 litre capacity and is available in standard and slimline sizes.

SPA Design are, like Premier Fuel Systems, a world renowned company and their systems are used worldwide in motorsport. The kits are MSA approved and include a T piece and two nozzles so the foam can be directed at two different areas simultaneously.



Single chamber mechanical 2.25 litre aluminium
Cylinder length 230mm
Overall length 305 mm
Cylinder diameter 156mm
Pull cable length 2m

Single chamber Slimline mechanical 2.25 litre aluminium
Cylinder length 285mm
Overall length 310mm
Cylinder diameter 125mm
Pull cable length 2m

Either type = 220.00
VAT @ 20% = 44.00
Total 264.00
Select Type












Fire Suppression System

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