Welcome to StoxSafe, where our intentions are to keep the
sport of Stockcar Racing safe in the event of fire.

Fire. It is one of the most frightening dangers an oval race car driver can face.

Some of the fires that have occurred over the years in oval racing were, I’m sad to say, preventable. Poor construction and bad repairs being some of the things that have been contributory factors.

The problems were identified by the authorities and were subject to stricter regulations and the situation has certainly improved. Also, following discussions with the BSCDA, the use of fuel cells incorporating bladders and foam to minimise risk, was authorised on a voluntary basis.

Having witnessed some bad fires around the ovals over the years, I used my contacts in the motorsport business to come up with a fuel cell designed specifically for the rough and tumble world of BriSCA F1 Stock Car racing, with the result that, for the last four years I have been the sole agent for Premier Fuel Systems, BSCDA approved fuel cells. Uptake has been steady but, all the while they are not a compulsory item, there will always be drivers who will spend their money on other things, rather than on something that is the best at preventing a fire in the first place.

So, having done my best to cover the fire prevention side, I decided it was time to look at the ‘cure’ side of things.

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NEWS updated 6-4-19