Time to reveal what was really happening with the #268 Richard Woods car at Mildenhall tonight [6th April] . As part of the ongoing testing of the StoxSafe fire suppression system, Richardís car has been fitted with data logging equipment measuring speed, GPS position, G force and temperature.

The idea being to prove scientifically what forces the system can handle, specifically the thermal bulb that is the trigger for the automatic firing. The equipment will be in the car for a few meetings so we can accumulate some meaningful data.

My huge thanks go to Andrew English of 213 Performance for not only loaning the equipment but also taking the time to come and fit and calibrate it. We look forward to some interesting data.





Hi everyone

Kings Lynn on the 30th March will see the start of race scenario testing of the system. Our guinea pigs will be Russell Cooper and Richard Woods and our thanks go to them. Initial testing will be done with water instead of powder filled bottles, just until the integrity of the thermal bulb triggers has been satisfactorily proven.

It is also planned at some stage to fit data logging equipment to one of the cars so we can gather data about the speed and G forces the system has been subject too. It should make for some interesting reading.


Les Redford


I thought maybe you might like some feedback and an update from the MWA show with regards to the StoxSafe Automatic Fire Suppression System. Firstly, thank you to everyone who took the time to watch the video, see the installation first hand and take the time to ask about it.

I have to say I was ecstatic at the amount of encouraging positive comments I received. I think what surprised most people was the size of the system, I think most were expecting it to be much bigger.

One of the most common queries raised was whether the equipment would be man enough for the rough and tumble of F1 racing and would there be a danger of accidental firings? SPA are acknowledged experts in their field (they are now the largest suppliers of extinguisher systems in North America) and they point out that in the US they have systems using the same thermal bulb trigger in road race, drag race, dirt oval, paved oval and a couple of monster trucks (2 are Grave Digger trucks). To date they have not had one break by accident. Also IndyCar tested one at a test at Sebring. Which is probably one of the roughest road racing tracks in the world and also had no issue. Never say never, but to date they have not had an issue with accidental breakage. SPA also point out the straps that hold the bottle in place are to FIA specification and will withstand a minimum force of 25G. As I said to anyone who asked, if we do need to make any modifications, they will be dealt with quickly and efficiently although, hopefully we will not need to make any.

A couple of comments were made with regard to the dreaded small print, SPAís Terms & Conditions will apply. They have been good enough for International motorsport teams, the FIA, the MSA and all other governing bodies for over 30 years so they should pass muster with Brisca/BMB/BSCDA I hope. If anybody wants a copy, I would be happy to e-mail them.

As a result of the show, I have taken half a dozen orders, and probably as many again said they would be ordering soon. I understand and accept that they will need to be ratified and approved by the powers that be, possibly involving a trial period, and I will obviously cooperate to the maximum.

Further updates will follow when appropriate.


A great day at the Motorsport With Attitude Show at Peterborough.
Lots of interest in the StoxSafe system, and lots of positive comments, some orders taken and some interesting enquiries.


Following a collaboration that has gone on now for almost 2 years, I am pleased to announce I will be launching the SPA StoxSafe system, the UKís first automatic fire suppression equipment designed specifically for use in full contact race cars such as F1 Stock Cars and V8 Hotstox. The system will be officially unveiled at the Motorsport With Attitude Show at Peterborough on the 16th/17th February.

If you would like to find out more, please come and see me on Stand 4-001 where I will have an installation example on show, film of the system in action as well as fuel cells and other SPA items on display.

StoxSafe stand at the Motorsport with attitude show









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